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Coating Painting Services

Our experience on tank coatings and tank materials ranges from epoxy coated tanks to zinc silicate coating to Marineline coating and naturally stainless steel and stainless cladded steel tanks.

  • Slurry blasting, Mechanical de-scale, hand scraping;
  • Provision of Riding Experience Coating Applicators.Continuous Maintenance of Coatings of Ballast & Cargo Tanks.
  • Evaluation of Repairs of Marine Coatings.
  • Steel work preparation for coating from St1 to St2/St3;
  • Scaffolding erection and dismantling;
  • Assessment & Measurement of effectiveness of Marine Coatings by Corrosion Experts
  • Engine room cleaning and painting;
  • Simple mucking out of double bottom tanks / cargo tanks;
  • Blasting and coating of decks/superstructures, ballast tanks, cargo tanks and storage tanks hatch coamings, hatch covers, pipelines;
  • Application of paints & linings;
  • Attendance for blasting/coating repairs during dry dock.