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OSS Shiprepair

We are a newly based shiprepair company provider of innovative and cost-effective shiprepair services and turnkey technical solutions! Тhrough our commitment and complete dedication we are meeting and even exceeding our customers’ expectations by providing a high quality services and zero claims.

Why Us

OSS-Shiprepair gives you true around o’clock service. Just like on board a ship, we always have an employee on watch. That means we’re always ready to take your call — 24 hours a day, 7 (seven) days a week — because ships never sleep. We deliver around the clock – in real. At least one member of the SRS team is always available and can act immediately. Ships never sleep. That’s why our 24/7 on-call service is nothing unusual for us it’s all in a day’s work.

Our maintenance & repair teams (M&R TEAMS) always consist of certified specialists, highly skilled and qualified tradesmen with considerable shipyard and workshop experience. They are carefully selected in terms of skill, qualification & experience in order to meet our clients’ specific needs, whether it is for riding squads or in dry dock situations. We provide supervision if required or otherwise our teams will work under direct guidance of the vessel staff or any owner’s appointed third party.

The Company’s ERST (Emergency Response Service Team) can be offered to all vessels needing quick response assistance. In most cases, we can assemble and to dispatch a repair team very quickly. In urgent cases, it’s possible to have a repair crew on its way to the damaged ship within few hours. It’s how we ensure you get rapid assistance whenever you need it.

Providing our customers the best possible support at all times – that’s the philosophy we live by at SRS-Shiprepair. We do it with lots of expertise, complete dedication – in the evenings and on weekends, too – together with our partners, whom we treat fairly as part of our team. The entire team will stop at nothing to provide our customers the best possible options. We get a kick out of fielding the really tricky quests.

The Company’s experienced management team work closely with our clients to assist by elaborating ongoing maintenance program providing a service that is designed to the individual needs of specific case/problem and then oversee maintenance projects from concept to completion. SRS-Shiprepair understand how important ongoing preventative maintenance is to any vessel. With this understanding, we ensures that vessels have minimal out of service period whilst works are completed safely to a very high standard.